Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So i tried to do this with my last post but for some reason it just wouldn't work. i am just going to do it in a post all by itself.
I would like to say a big thank you to:


@TheWitchWriter Crawford ville Florida
Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick maker. Slayer of things that go bump in the night. Witch. Mom. Wife. Writer.
I have been wanting to blog for ages and i have made several attempts at it before finding something that i am comfortable with and i would stick too. never i have i gotten such a warm welcome and support from a stranger across the ocean, like miss Bella Foxglove have given me. thanks to her i now have 6 followers on my blog and even though to some it does not seem like much, to me that's encouragement. so Bella my dear thank you very much.
I would also like to say thank you to those following me on twitter:

Cornelia's Kitchen

@corneliakitchen Bali

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