Thursday, October 20, 2011


So it’s been only one day since my arrival in American, and two days here in new Brunswick. It took me that long to come across a hidden gem in this University City.
The Namaste Bar. It’s an organic juice bar found above a co op market just off Livingston avenue herein new Brunswick.
This is my second time coming to this place and i am surprise that in a town which is populated mostly by university students that there are not a lot of them sitting here eating or drinking. Then i look at the prices of the food and i understand why that is, they are students and not many of them can afford the luxury of eating organic.
But in the defence of this incredible place you don’t have to be rich you just have to want to eat good tasty and healthy food. Even if you can’t afford it every day, how much harm can it do to treat and indulge yourself at least once a week?
You are welcome by Drew Patch not only with fresh organic strawberries on the counter to help yourself too, but also with a great smile and philosophy you will rarely get anywhere else. Unlike any other cafe you may go to, from the moment you enter you are invited to ask as many questions as you wish. The people working here wants to get to know you, they want to hear what you have to say where you come from. Your opinion matters to them.
While eating or drinking creations with names like, Love juice, or 14 carrot cold, the baba ganesh wrap, and so many more delightful creations, you get to listen to great music browse on the internet, and get a history lesson of the music playing in the back ground.
Now i can go on talking about this place all day long, but the best thing to do is to visit the place if you ever get the chance. In the mean time you can visit their web page here: where you can have a chance to have a first look at the place, there mission statement and philosophy. Until next time Namaste.

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