Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pickled cheese, who would have thought.

Hi folks, me again. My friends and I decided that we are going drinking. But cheap bastards that we are we don't go out until we use this typically American concept of pre gaming. So we all head out to this guys place, a Hungarian Erasmus student. For the love of me I still can't pronounce his name and here I was thinking it’s the alcohol, it wasn't, lol.
Anyway this guy introduced me to pickled cheese, when I think about it is really silly. After all it’s not the first time that I’ve eaten marinated feta cheese a goat's cheese, it is the same concept after all. I think what I was more surprised is that he told us in his country its typical drinking food, like nuts, or pickled eggs (not that I would ever eat a pickled egg).
Anyway I found this to be very interesting and quite good tasting. I immediately thought this would be perfect in a salad, which I did and will share the recipe with you.

Pickled camembert, mix green salad, berry dressing

1tbsp raspberry vinegar
2,5tbsp extra virgin oil cold press
1 strawberry

Pickled cheese:
Olive oil
Smoked paprika
Jalapeño peppers

Corn salad
Oak leaf lettuce

For the pickled cheese if you have noticed I have not indicated any quantities. You can make as little or as much as you want, adjust your quantities to the strength you want to give in taste.
It is quite easy to make chop garlic; onions and jalapeño peppers add to olive oil and warm very gently as to get the oiled infused. Sprinkle smoked paprika over camembert then pour warm oil just to cover the cheese. Put in a jar. Wait for a week mini.
for the dressing add a pinch of salt and pepper to raspberry vinegar, mix until all the salt has dissolved then add oil and mix till you have a homogenise mixture. Dice strawberry very small and add to dressing
Wash your salads and separate the leaves to your liking. put one or two pieces of cheese on a plate, try to drain as much oil as possible, dress your salad very lightly and put on the side of salad, and voila very simple and great tasting little dish.
For those of you counting your calories you may wanna be careful, lol. Also remember you don't have to stick to my recipe you can add other aromatic to your cheese, after all cooking is a question of love and passion.

I would like to say welcome and thank you to my first three followers. Please tell your friends about my blog it’s only gonna get better with time.

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